Peek Behind the Curtain: Why Was There a $1 Billion Hip Verdict Against DuPuy?

Two reporters in Los Angeles — Lisa Bartley (@tweetiela) and Jovana Lara (@abc7jovana) — have put together the best summary of the DuPuy hip implant case I have ever seen. It will make your skin crawl. They have all the internal memos, the videos of the sales team, the payouts to the doctors, and video and photo evidence of the carnage wrought.  Just a truly excellent job. The video is here:

I hope these reporters are recognized for this work.  And I hope people share this story. People simply do not realize how much money is at stake for the people in charge of our health care options: doctors and manufacturers. But once you realize the money involved, the otherwise reckless decisions start to make a lot more sense. We all need to work to make reckless decisions unprofitable.