Willy Rusch Tracheostomy Tube Recalled

As if the parents of kids who need tracheostomy tubes don’t have enough to worry about. According to the FDA, device maker Teleflex is recalling the Willy Rusch Tracheostomy Tube Set due to the possibility that the connector may disconnect from the tracheostomy tube during use on a ventilated patient. trach-tubeThe purposes of these tubes is to provide oxygen-rich air to patients who cannot breathe unassisted on their own.  According to the FDA: “If the connector detaches from the tracheostomy tube shaft during use, it can deprive the patient of adequate ventilation and would require immediate medical intervention including changing the tracheostomy tube and placing a new tube.” The ultimate result may be “oxygen deprivation, brain damage and death.”

If you know someone who uses, or whose child uses, a “trach tube,” please be sure to pass this information on.

(Picture taken from link above.)