Bravo to Tacoma for Joining Everett in Fight Against Opioid Makers

I think it’s the only way to make these companies pay attention: confront them with the *true* scope of the harm they caused.  The City of Everett, in my home-state of Washington, announced its intention to do so in January of this year.  Now Tacoma is also bringing suit. We should all be proud of the lawyers (David Ko for Tacoma, and the Kelley Goldfarb firm for Everett) and City decision-makers involved for having the courage to take these cases on.

My hope is that this is the wave of the future. Imagine how seriously drug companies will have to take these threats if these suits multiply. It’s always easy to blame the addict, but these Cities are trying to focus on the real problem: the drug dealer.

Hat tip to @ashleykgross of @KNKXfm for telling me (and her other twitter followers) about this great development.